Start making passive revenue with your own premium membership program.


The future belongs to restaurants and retailers that provide instant gratification. It’s your turn to win.

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Our premium membership platform helps brands like these build loyalty.
Let’s team up to generate new customers and maximize their lifetime value.

Martin City Brewing Company
Made in KC

Premium Membership Programs Work

Purchase Frequency

94% of paid loyalty members consistently spend money at that business at least once per month.

Brand Loyalty

88% of customers who belong to a paid loyalty program choose that business over a competitor offering a lower price.

Order Value

70% of customers would join a paid loyalty program if their favorite business offered one with valuable benefits.


Other Loyalty Solutions

Generic Membership Program

We get it, you’ve tried loyalty programs before — and they failed!

  • Gave away all of your margin
  • No repeat business — a one way street
  • Challenging for your staff and customers to adopt
  • Limited expertise from your program provider

5-Star 365 Programs

Premium Membership Program

There’s a better way! We see you and have a winning solution!

  • A tailored loyalty solution that generates passive revenue
  • Finding new & repeat customers without advertising spend
  • Low-friction, easy to use for staff and customers
  • An expert team of marketing gurus to win with

Let’s make this happen!

How does it work?


We start by understanding your goals and your customers’ needs. Then we get to work crafting your mobile app and custom membership program that wins.


We launch your premium membership program and make it easy for your customers to sign up through email, social media, and in-store marketing.


We send 75% of membership revenue straight to your bank account every month. Plus, you keep 100% of all in-store sales.

5-Star 365

How about a deeper dive?

We have a proven formula. Let’s put our experience to work for you and your customers.

Goals + Blueprint

We’ll talk about your goals and outline a strategy for success. Our customer-centric approach wins early and often. Hoozah!

Offers + Pricing

We’ll work with you to create an irresistible offer at the right price for your customers. Their membership program desires = your revenue flywheel.

Creation + Launch

We’ll outline your program, develop your membership app and help you bring on your first paying members.

Support + Reports

We’ll handle all the ongoing support for your program and provide monthly performance reports. You get to collect a check each month and enjoy happy customers flowing through your business.

Growth + Automation

We’ll strategize with you on how to increase revenue and enhance the success of your program. Let’s have fun with it!

Curious if this is a fit for you?

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes…

Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Breweries & Wineries

Event Venues & Experiences

Local Shops & Merchants

… and more!

Don’t just take our word for it…

What would you do with an extra $20k/ every month?

  • Help you hire and reward your staff
  • Help offset rising business expenses
  • Focus more on why you started this business
  • Take a day off, for real

Low-Friction = High Return

Elevate your brand without the tech cost associated with developing your own mobile app.

Give your customers what they want — a tailored membership program with deals they desire and a brand experience they deserve. 

Put your best foot forward!


5-Star 365

Premium Membership Program

$ 995

one-time fee

  • Custom program consultation
  • Email, social media, in-store launch
  • Personalized mobile app experience
  • Customer-first feedback loop
  • 30-day program launch timeline
  • Member database for marketing magic
  • Recurring revenue engine


We’ve made it simple for your customers and staff. Just 1 click of a button on the customer’s phone to redeem their offers.

Increased Visibility

Your own app experience on your customers’ phones. Sitting right next to their Instagram app; elevating your brand.

Everybody Wins

Your customers pay for instant benefits. You take home 75% of membership fees + 100% of revenue in-store. You pay $0/month for our fees.

Your wins are our wins!

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say: 

5-Star 365 has created a platform for Made in KC to facilitate customer loyalty in a way we weren’t able to before. Through the program, we’ve been able to create a captive audience that visits our locations at least once a month, which is something very unique in the brick and mortar retail environment today.

Made in KC - Keith Bradley
Keith Bradley
Made in KC

Our loyalty program through 5-Star 365 has been a total game-changer for our restaurant group. It brings in more than $20k every month in membership dues, plus it’s connected to an additional $250K+ in onsite sales. It doesn’t require any extra work on our part and it just keeps bringing customers back again and again and again.

Martin City Brewing Company - Matt Moore
Matt Moore
Martin City Brewing Company

The 5-Star team made it easy to establish a loyalty program that fits our brand and increases our fan base. Not only are we seeing more foot traffic but members are raving about the program benefits.

Lindsay Sexton

Frequently asked questions

Why a Premium Membership Program? Why now?

Traditional loyalty programs are focused on delayed gratification – earn points today, get a reward some other time. This is the model that nearly all loyalty programs are built on and it’s not what customers want – it just happens to be what the POS has to offer. A Premium Membership Program generates passive revenue, provides instant benefits and sets you apart from all the rest.  

Why use 5-Star 365?

We’re more than just a Premium Membership Platform with over 50k users and growing every day. When you work with 5-Star 365, you’re getting a team of marketing and technology professionals in your corner with over 80 years of combined experience.

What do I include in my Premium Membership Program?

We work directly with you to create an offer that is irresistible to your customers and profitable for you. This is the most important aspect of your program, so we take time to get it right!

What is required of our staff?

Your staff has one primary job. Make sure customers push the “redeem” button on their phone when they are using an offer. That’s it. We’ll also provide training materials so your staff has a full understanding of your program and can communicate it to customers.

What about my POS Loyalty Program?

Almost all POS Loyalty Programs are exactly the same. They rely on a points and rewards system, require you to do all the work, and don’t allow for any customization. So, if you are looking for a generic solution that puts all the work on your shoulders, knock yourself out. 

How much does this cost?

We don’t charge any monthly fees for our services. We only keep 25% of membership subscription revenue to cover customer and tech support, ongoing maintenance, program updates, ongoing strategy, and credit card processing fees. You keep the remaining 75% of membership subscription revenue, plus 100% of all onsite revenue. This means we only win when you win. There is a one-time onboarding fee of $995. This covers the research and creation of your offer, along with the development of your custom app, digital sign-up page, designs for your marketing materials, automated response emails, and data reports.

How quickly can I launch my Premium Loyalty Program?

From our initial call to the launch of your program takes between 30-45 days. Native apps, like the ones you download in the App Store, typically take 6 months to launch.

How do we support your in-store launch?

We handle the design of all your in-store marketing materials (e.g. flyers, table tents, stickers, business cards, coasters, posters, etc.). Each will include a custom QR code that makes it extremely easy for customers to sign up. We also provide training materials for your staff so they can feel confident in communicating with customers about the program.

What other services does 5-Star 365 offer?

We offer a Fast Track option designed to accelerate the growth and maximize the effectiveness of your premium membership program. This is led by one of our growth acceleration coaches who will work directly with you and your team to increase the number of members in your program, optimize communication channels, train and empower your staff, and provide ongoing data analysis and strategy.

Our coaches have a proven track record of success and will provide personalized attention and guidance to help you achieve your growth goals. They will work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and develop a customized plan to maximize your results.

By adding the Fast Track option to your program, you will receive six months of expert coaching and support for only $1,000 per month. This investment will pay off in spades as you see your program grow and thrive under the guidance of our expert coach.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your program to the next level!